Finding the right place to visit is not that easy. Even the people with the passion for traveling finds it difficult to decide when it comes to the countries that they are going to visit. But, if you are a traveler who would love to learn more about history and exploring at the same time, then Vietnam is a great country to visit.

You might be asking, why Vietnam? This country is a simple and popular country for many tourists. You deserve to give yourself a chance to come because it is rich in natural beauty and history. Since, you like to travel and learn, then you have to come to Ho Chi Minh City. Exploring Ho Chi Minh City will open your mind about why the Cu Chi Tunnels exist.

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About the Cu Chi Tunnels

In the 1940s, during the French occupation the tunnels started emerging. You just do not know how people came up with such huge and strong tunnels with just basic tools and of course, using their bare hands. The digging continued until the 1960s and that was during the Vietnam Wars. That time the Cu Chi Tunnels played a very important part during the Wars against the American soldiers.

The tunnels served as a shelter and protection of the many people during the bombings. But, behind those scary bombings and restless fights. Even if thousands of lives were lost, still life happened in these tunnels. It was in this underground hideout where people slept, feed the people, cured the sick and young children were taught.

Big thanks to these tunnels and to the effort of the tough Viet Cong soldiers. These tunnels became a place for soldiers in planning, transporting communication, mounting surprise attacks and laying of booby traps. History happened and this underground tunnel made everything possible.

The Cu Chi Tunnels as a Tourist Attraction

People from different parts of the world come and visit the famous Cu Chi Tunnels. Thousands of lives sacrificed just to defend this tunnel. So, it deserves appreciation from different nationalities. People can come inside the underground tunnels and they are free to crawl along the safe parts of the tunnel. Because of the vast bombing, some parts are not accessible to visitors. But, knowing that you are actually in a place that is very important to the people of Vietnam is surely something to be proud of.

Half day activities

Visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels can happen even just for a half day. You can come in the morning or if you prefer to come in the afternoon, then it is also possible. You just need to make an arrangement with your travel agent. This time is enough for you to enjoy and embrace the place. You may also choose to come to the Cu Chi Tunnels by bus, car or boat. Everything will depend on your choice. Just choose the tours departing from Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City because you can still use some of your time to move around the city.

If you are on tour, then your tour guide will surely come and pick you from your hotel or set a place in the city to pick you up. What’s exciting with the boat tour is to experience a fine dining on the boat. That actually sounds sweet and memorable.

Now on your way, from Saigon. You will have to stop and check the lacquer art factory, which is for the disabled people. And then, continue your journey.

Upon your arrival at the Cu Chi Tunnels, you will all watch a film. It is a propaganda film about the Wars and how the Viet Cong soldiers defended their lives. You will also watch a short video about the construction of the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Next, you are going in the tunnels. Here, you will see various displays, such as man traps, American tanks and bomb craters.

After exploring the maze of Cu Chi tunnels, you may try the gun shooting. These are real guns so the kids are not allowed to play with this one.

And that is the end of your half-day tour. Your tour guide will send you back to Saigon.

Ian had been to different countries, looking for a place to explore. He loves to travel and learn about historical places. After his trip to Vietnam, he had learned about the Cu Chi Tunnel and its dramatic role in the History. This is why he would like to partake his experience by sharing what he know.”