Plantar fasciitis night splints are equipment which treats pains of plantar fasciitis during the night. They include heel splints or braces attached to the feet, ankles and lower legs throughout the night time when you’re sleeping. Through stretching the plantar fascia ligament, it can release the pains of your leg.

Night splints belong to the treatment for foot such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Those issues often occur when people do exercises or play sports frequently. For golfers, visit to get more details of the devices supporting for the health and game conditions.


Other methods are used to relax the inflamed areas, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical treatment; shoe inserts, and stretch the foot sole ligament. Their similar purposes are reducing pains and aches of the plantar fasciitis, but each solution is a diverse treatment level and is applied differently. All the same, the most popular and effective type is the orthotic shoe insert and night splint.

Plantar fasciitis night splint

They are devices stretching out the plantar fascia and calf during sleeping as well as minimizing pressure on inflamed areas on your feet. Some reviews showed that using throughout the night; they felt the initial pains became better in the following morning. However, there are no medical researches that can approve this statement.

Moreover, these devices can’t be suitable and effective during the day when you’re standing, working, exercising, or doing daily routines. Also, although they can release the foot sole pains, you won’t get the best comfort in wearing them. They’re bulky and cumbersome so you may be hard to go to sleep.

Generally, their average prices range from 60 to 80 dollars per unit. Fortunately, modern designs offer the better comfort to wear than previous versions.

Advantages of the plantar fasciitis night splint

– The feet stay in the 90 degrees of bending back positions in order to stretch out the fascia and sometimes release the stress.

– Stretching makes the calf muscles and Achilles ligament better.

– Although wearing night splints brings cumbersome effects, it also improves the heel pains by extending the procedure during the night.

Types of night splints

Two main types are the boot and the dorsal which has the similar purpose of solving foot sole pains. The obvious difference is that their construction is in opposite foot sides.

  • Dorsal splints have firm plastic protections holding around the front of lower leg and the foot top to fix your foot in a 90-degree position while allowing the arch and heel to breathe comfortably.
  • Boot splints have the brace around the back of the calf and leg and under your foot. In general, it’s larger than dorsal types.

Orthotic shoe inserts

Many statistics show that using the combination of night splints and orthotic shoe inserts bring the best result in releasing the heel pains. Most group studies and reviewers reported the positive ideas of using this set as the better treatment for plantar fasciitis.

Both plantar fasciitis orthotics and night splints offer the similar function and are planned on treating the same heel pains causing circumstances. Those conditions they treat include pronation, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis. Doctors recommend patients to use both devices for releasing substantial pains. However, they have many different aspects and so people who are having heel pains need to think of those distinguishing features thoroughly before purchasing a product to fit their requirements and health conditions.

As well as the plantar fasciitis night splint, orthotic treatments are also popularly used. It’s much simpler, smaller, and easier to use than the other type. You only need simply to put it into your shoes and leave it to work, which is physically stretching out the plantar fascia ligament, simplifying the process of entirely healing inflamed areas as well as releasing pains.  

Orthotics are favorable options for athletes since they provide affordable prices while still offering the successful treatments for heel pains.

Plantar fasciitis night splints are not strange methods to treat heel pains today. However, it’s better to know basic information of the device before buying one for yourself. Another solution is using orthotics within night splints so that you can get the best treatment for your pains.